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We envision a culturally diverse, sustainable, and safe society where gender and sexual minorities have dignity, equality, and realization of rights.

FLAME’s mission is to question the knowledge production, development, and application of technology from a feminist intersectional approach and to promote gender-equal access to resources and technologies in the society.

What technology do we want?

The modern definition of technology has been constituted since the eighteenth century by industrial engineering, which strictly applied science by excluding useful arts technology, such as needlework, weaving, and food production. Instead of questioning how women can be better treated within and by technology, we want to question how a technology deeply involved in masculinity and masculine projects could be used for the emancipation of women. We want to question further what knowledge matters in the history of human development. We want to develop a feminist interpretation of technology as well as challenge the masculinity of modern technology. We want to call for a new technology that is inclusive for women, that constitutes gender-equitable social relations, that favors women, rather than one that is dominated by men.




Who has access to technology?

Equal access does not only depend on available infrastructure but also has to do with the type of information available (in what formats and languages). Equal access also means any individual can enjoy their equal rights to inform themselves, to express opinions, to connect with others, to make noise, regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health or other status. Therefore, we want to promote a culture in Chinese with a focus on ensuring women and queer persons with universal, affordable, meaningful and equal access to technology.



Why is access to technology unequal?

Technologies often replicate existing power relations and establish new ones, creating gender bias within the system of technologies that have consequences for women’s work, women’s health, and women’s life. The lived experience and specific needs of women are either simplified or ignored by both the system and the data. We are here to break the silence, to challenge the technology constructed by patriarchy as well as the states and private sectors that control technology and its access, and to take back the ownership of technology locally, regionally, and globally.



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